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Bruce Davis Photographs

Welcome to my online gallery where you can shop for custom framed film & digital photography prints with hundreds of framing options to choose from. Each print comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee & arrives at your door "ready to hang" with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, & nails. My art is available as wall art, canvas prints, metal prints & more.

My Photography

I am an film & digital photographer who meticulously does his own developing & processing in studio. My art is broken into categories after the fact. I tend to document my day-to-day experiences through my lens & then decide how to categorise each photo after I've finished editing them. Each photo is a presentation of a moment, of something that caught my eye & required my attention. I tend to see balance & form, light & shadow. I find the abstract in everyday things & I find unique & interesting moments with people on the street. I tend to capture memories & nostalgia. I love strange & haunting still life minimalism & photography that tells a story. My creativity is hardwired to my emotional state & a lot of my inspiration is driven by the concept of nostalgia. When I see something that connects to a feeling inside me, I want to capture it, I want to study it and I want to share it. I like to let time influence my creative decisions in my art, so I will let photographs sit for years before I develop them. I curate my life with emotion, moments in time & inspiration & I love to use photography as a way to build on that collection. Sharing these collections & emotions with people that see what I see & feel what I feel really excites me.Curate your life, inspire your heart & transform your world with my photography below.

About Me & My Work

I am an artist who curates my life with emotions, moments in time & inspiration. My goal is to inspire the heart, transform the world & elevate the spirit. Photography for me is about connecting to places, objects, moments & people. A lot of my inspiration is driven by the concept of nostalgia.

Sharing these moments & memories with people that appreciate what I see, really excites me.

I photograph architecture & design, street (documentary) photography, still life & creative fine art.

I am professional film & digital photographer who has been photographing in one form or another for 23 years & who has over 15 years experience as a professional filmmaker.

I am a Canadian photographer, born in Truro Nova Scotia, Canada, who lived & worked in Toronto & Ottawa, Ontario, & now resides just south of Ottawa in South Dundas, Ontario. My photography work has been published in the LCBO Food Guide, tourism magazines in Eastern Ontario & a Canadian military history book. I also have an extensive background in Film & Television as an Assistant Director & Writer/Producer. I am very skilled with Project Management for large scale creative projects.

Photography is both a tool & form of expression for me. I love being creative with my camera & I love using my camera to express myself.

Available art is a big part of who I am. I want my work to be accessible to people. I want people to feel they can connect to me & my work in a way that fits them & makes them comfortable.

I adore vinyl records, & listening to music. I am into Synthwave, French House, Hip-hop, Jazz, Blues. Artists I am into are, Aphex Twin, Marconi Union, Loscil, Still Corners, LCD Soundsystem, Timecop1983, The Midnight, FM-84, The Hidden Cameras, Allman Brothers, Kings on Leon, Kendrick Lamar, Tragically Hip. The list goes on.
I am a big collector of things. I collect Word of Springfield Simpson toys & yes, many of them are still in box. I cherish my collection of records & books. I also love collecting personal experiences.
Making dinner & hanging out with my friends & my wife, Janet is the best thing in the world to me.
My dog, Bailey & my cat, Chicken & my daughter C. is very special to me.
I really dig playing tabletop & card games. Camping & riding my bike long distances with Janet are amazing things to me.
Emotional intelligence & functional empathy are top on my list.
I always unplug as much as possible to keep my mind clear of undue influence & content. I am into a more analog approach to my social/professional networking these days. I am into meeting people face-to-face & talking on a phone.

Anything that makes me feel something.
I love photographing & I want to have fun doing it, so I will photograph anything that meets the above criteria. I don't want to put myself into too many photography genre boxes. I want to photograph everything around me & use my cameras as creative & expressive tools.

My architecture & design work is about finding the emotion or spirit of someone's design. It is about capturing the form & beauty of something intentional, of something designed & of something constructed.

My creative fine art work is about exploring myself in expressive, creative ways with my camera. I enjoy finding inspiration in early marketing & advertising work from the 50s & 60s & well as classic paintings & sculptures from neoclassical, renaissance, modern & post modern eras. I enjoy finding beauty in everyday aspects of life & if i can photograph that in an emotional meaningful way, then I have accomplished what I set out for.

My street or documentary photography is my diary. The photographs are my personal reflections & observations. I don't like talking too much about the context of that work. I like the images to speak for themselves, like a form of poetry. I hope the viewer just feels something, feels connected to the moment & connected to me.

My abstract photography is about exploring our world from unique, creative & different perspectives.

Time is an important factor in my photography. I love when I feel like I am moving through time & place & I can photograph that.

Inspired Refined Honest Layered Elevated Well-appointed Collected Aspirational Reimagined Eclectic Artistic Tailored Clean Curated.

My first love is film. There is something magical about putting a roll of film into a camera knowing that my world will be processed through a certain type of grain, colour, contrast & exposure. There is also something amazing about leaving a roll of film sit for a bit before developing it. Let memory be an influence on creative choices.
I like the permanence of some choices through film.
Film feels real.

I have learned to really love & respect digital photography. I am able to do some really creative things in low light & difficult situations. Digital also gives me tremendous flexibility with creative choices so that I can bring my projects where I want them to go for me & for me clients. Digital is a fun medium to shoot & with beautiful results.

Creativity & Curiosity, Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence, Passion, Open-Mindedness, Respect, Empathy, Courage & Compassion, BLM.

Fed Herzog, Diane Arbus, Robert Mapplethorpe, Berenice Abbott, Andrea Kertesz, Saul Leiter, Vivian Maier & Edward Burtynsky.